Level up your data capture

Capture, Delegate, and Achieve More - Forms Helps You Collect, Connect, and Control Your Data Effortlessly

Reliable information gathering

A powerful data capture tool that provides peace of mind and efficiency, backed up by rigorous security and user-friendly design. With Forms, you can delegate form sections and pre-populate fields for faster processing while knowing who you're talking to with passwordless sign-in. Forms automatically improves with your real-world usage, providing you with the best possible outcomes for your data.

Secure, user-friendly and configurable forms

Transform your data capture.

You already know the power of good information. It’s critical for good decision making, and for delivering on your objectives. Forms helps you collect info that’s secure, reliable, modular, and flexible with best-in-class usability.

Collect data with confidence.

Forms is a capable data capture tool that’s ultimately configurable and effective. It has been designed with best practice methods in mind, and delivers a smooth user experience.

Delegate and conquer.

Old school data forms capture one set of info from one user. Forms lets you delegate different sections of the form to relevant stakeholders so you get high quality information in parallel. No gaps. No guesses.

Know who you’re talking to

Forms comes with passwordless sign-in built in, which means you will always know who is entering or changing data. This additional security also means Forms can update customer info directly into backend databases like Salesforce.

Pre-populate fields.

Forms can automate several different fields based on smaller amounts of info. It does this by tapping into sources such as the ABN registry and address lookups, all the way up to accounting apps like Xero and even financial institutions.

Strength in numbers.

Lander Systems continuously improves Forms based on real-world usage. Security, design, UX best practice and other elements improve each time we proactively improve the tool for a new client. So as we grow, you benefit.

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